Service with Compassion

Crime Scene Cleaners of Fort Worth is one of the premier Post Mortem & Unattended Death Cleanup teams in Northern Texas. Due to the complexity of a scene caused by a decomposing body, a trained and knowledgeable expert should be on hand performing the cleanup process.  Proudly providing you with the best unattended death cleanup services in Dallas, Unattended Death Scene Cleanup Services in Fort Worth and all areas of North Texas.

The location around a decomposing body presents a number of challenges for everyone involved in the cleanup and remediation process. The emotional toll to family and friends, following the death of a loved one, should not be compounded by the visual images and odors associated with an unattended death conditions & cleanup. Post Mortem is a condition no one is prepared for we should ever experience outside of a funeral home, however sometimes it occurs when family or friends like to remain private and alone. We are very respectful to the life and property of the deceased as well as thye survivors. In the event you encounter a post mordem or unattended death situation, please stay away from the site and DO NOT attempt to clean the scene yourself. Instead, please follow these simple steps to secure the help of a qualified and professional company.

Here to assist when someone passes undetected Providing Forensic and Unattended Death Scene Cleanup services to residental and commercial properties. Crime Scene Cleaners of Fort Worth will handle the job with quality that will meet or exceed your expetations

  • Please do not try to clean the home, room or death scene. Your emotional well being is extremely important to your overall health and should not be compromised. In addition, blood and bodily fluids may pose a health risk that may not be evident at the time of death.

  • Keep family members and friends away from the scene. Again, there is conditions present that we are not prepared for and there could be a health risk.

  • Contact us at 817-223-0016 to help.  Most of these losses are covered by homeowners & property insurance policies. The staff of Crime Scene Cleaners of Fort Worth will assist you in contacting the insurance provider to initiate a claim if any part of the cleanup process is covered. We encourage you to allow us to help.  We have many years experience dealing with unattended death cleanup losses and can be a huge resource for the insured. If you wish to do this yourself, please let them know that Crime Scene Cleaners of Fort Worth will be providing the remediation services.

  • Once we are chosen to assist, we will serve as not only the biohazard cleanup service provider, we will also work on your behalf as your liasion.  When we are hired, we begin immediately working with the insurance company to remedy the situation and get you the most coverage possible through your insurance policy.  We will handle all the claim details so you don’t have to continue discussing the situation.  This will help with your emotional healing.

  • Although we do not want to rush you through this process, time is of the essence. The longer blood and other fluids remain on or about floors, furniture and personal effects, the harder it is to remove. Additionally, if left for a period of time, the fluids may continue to penetrate deeper into the surface, thus affecting more of the area.

  • Ultimately, the property owner is responsibility for the proper cleaning and disinfection of the hazarous situation,  When insurance policy are not available, we will work hard to get you through the process.  This includes being financial responsible and providing the most cost effective methods.

Things you can expect from us:

  • A comprehensive service portfolio
  • Cleaning optimally adapted to your needs
  • Non-hazardous and environmentally friendly cleaning agents
  • Qualified, reliable and friendly personnel
  • Internal audits of finished work to obtain quality services
  • Rapid handling of complaints- We handle all concerns rapidly to assure satification

Offering a wide variety of services, our team delivers quality and compassionate support when dealing with Crime and Trauma Scenes all over Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, and the surrounding Metroplex communities.